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Reef Turtle 9

Reef Turtle 9

Handcrafted Reef Turtle that make a beautiful decorative piece for the home. Comes in a display box.


What is a Reef Turtle?

Reef Turtle is a loosely coined term for turtles that live around coral reefs. They play an important role in maintaining the biodiversity within the coral reef ecosystem. Turtles also symbolizes longevity, fertility, wisdom, luck and wealth in many cultures around the world!


Only one piece is available and it is as seen in the photos.




Our in-house clay artist, WK, has joined our junior crafter, Xuan, on her journey to help the animals.


For each animal clay figures made and sold, a portion of the proceeds will go towards Xuan's goal of sponsoring an animal. Once she has reached her targeted amount, she'll make the donation and unveil the animal she has sponsored!


If you wish to make a purchase to contribute but want a specific animal, do contact us and let us know.

  • Turtle Sculpture Display Box
    Length: 6.7cm
    Width: 7.1cm
    Height: 6cm
    Length: 8.5cm
    Width: 8.5cm
    Height: 10cm


    Measurements are an approximate and may be off by +/-  1cm.


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