Paris was a special girl picked up from a pet shop some 14 years or so ago. She picked her own name too! Her owners ran through a list of potential names, but she made no response to any of them. Just when the owners were about to give up, the song 'Stars Are Blind' by Paris Hilton played. Upon hearing the name 'Paris' uttered by her owners, this little one perked up instantly! And after calling out 'Paris' a couple more times, with her responding to it every single time, it was decided, this girl shall be named 'Paris'.

Unfortunately, Paris died in her sleep in December 2014, leaving her owners devasted. This sculpture was made in memory of what a special paw girl she was.


Height: 8.5cm (tip of ears to toes)
Length: 5.4cm (front paw to tail)
Width: 3cm (front paw to front paw)

This is a commissioned-based product. Every sculpted piece will be uniquely true to your furbaby.

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